Therapy and Money

If you’ve never been in therapy, you might be surprised to find how much therapists charge for “just talking.” Even if you have had good therapy experiences in the past, it may still seem too expensive. Or maybe you feel that things don’t happen quickly enough for you for the money you pay. 

I’ve been in these situations myself and I understand how personal money-matters can be. While the benefits of therapy are well established, the cost can inhibit many people from seeking it. So, here are a few suggestions to cut down the therapy expense.

If you choose, you can do some preparation work before starting with a therapist by familiarizing yourself in the methods that the therapist uses. I have listed some resources here about how I work. Learning about my methods will shorten the time we work face-to-face easily by a few sessions. If you find my methods to be reasonable or you are at least curious about them, it increases the chance that we are a good match.

Most importantly, choose your therapist well. While credentials give some level of quality assurance, what matters is your personal preference and comfort. Trust your gut and work only with someone you feel good about. If you like your therapist but don’t see some results within a couple of months, be sure to discuss it with her/him.

Lastly, some therapists offer a “sliding scale” which is a lowered fee based on your financial situation. Call around and ask. Community mental health clinics often have therapists in training who will see clients for a low fee and they can be just as effective as a seasoned therapist. 

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