Updating Your Emotional Armor

Are therapists  affected by traumas? Yes, as none of us are emotion-proof.

Many of us have learned to believe we are “bullet-proof” from emotions, or that we ought to be. You may wear emotion-proof armor 24/7 so you can do your job or be the rock in your family. Some jobs require  this armor. I thank the helpers who sign up to do these jobs, such as our military persons, first responders, doctors, and dispatchers. Our society needs them. For many others in high-stress environments, emotion-proof armor is necessary to survive chaos. This often occurs in homes. If you are in this type of environment, I thank you, too, for putting one foot in front of another every day. I am here for you.

Thank goodness we are able to wear armor so we can survive. However, It can be pretty lonely inside the armor. It’s impossible to give or receive a warm hug. At the same time, it may appear too risky to take it off and be vulnerable. It’s a tough call. But if you are losing an important relationship because of your armor, it is worth thinking about. 

As much as you may feel that you are the armor, you are not–- you are a warm-blooded human with emotions. You may fear that if you take it off you will crumble. It’s a scary thought. But, if you and I were to work together, I would not let you crumble. Instead, we would start with how the armor has protected you so long, and find out what the armor is protecting you from. Then, we would talk about your ideal armor. Maybe you want an upgrade to something more sophisticated or malleable. Whatever you would like to do about the armor, I will help you do that at comfortable pace.  

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