Somatic Therapy

Online Trauma and Somatic Therapy in California

Somatic Therapy

Be the “Best You” through mind-body balance

Feeling Stuck?

Somatic therapy taps into what words cannot. It is a way to get unstuck from the rut of your thoughts. I pay attention to your non-verbal communication. Your facial expressions and how you hold your body tell me more about your true feelings than your words can. It is a powerful way to bring your unconscious beliefs to consciousness.


You numb and distract yourself from feeling uncomfortable. When you numb yourself, you get disconnected from the feeling that you do want – joy, happiness, friendship, and love.

In therapy, you will learn the skills to sooth the discomfort in healthy ways. You will learn to notice the positive feelings so that you can feel alive and connected.

Gut-level Truth

You already know what you “should” do, think and feel, but you just can’t. It may be because you are ignoring your gut-level truth.

Somatic therapy help you find your gut-level truth. When you know it, so much starts to make sense, what you need becomes clear, and you become the best version of you.

Somatic Therapy I offer does not involve physical touch.

“We cannot change what we are not aware of,

and once we are aware,

we cannot help but change.”


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Let’s move your life forward

We’ve been taught to listen to our brain, and “think our way out.” If it gets you stuck, try listening to your body. It have a lifetime worth of wisdom for you.

If your urges and bodily reactions are getting you do the things you don’t want, learn to sooth your body.

In working together, you will learn the language of your own body, so that your mind and body will work together as a team.

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