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Emotional Cycle

I’m glad you are here on this page, taking the step to move your life forward. I hope to be your help along the way.

Have you been on an emotional roller coaster, anxious, angry, and then depressed? Do you want to relax, but just can’t let your guard down?

Has your world gotten smaller because you want to avoid being reminded of painful past?

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You thought the time would make you feel better, but it hasn’t.

Sometimes, you just want to numb your feelings – maybe with food, wine, pot, TV, work, etc.

But then, the numbing makes you feel guilty and ashamed.

People may think you are fine. But, you feel, “There is something wrong with me.”

If you find yourself in such emotional cycle, please contact me. You can move beyond what had happened to you, and live your life with calm, joy, and meaningful connections.

Imagine if you could …

Make sense of your strong reactions and “crazy” thoughts.

Learn the skills to manage your emotions and actions.

Heal from the hurt, and grow to become a whole person.

You did not choose your past, now you can choose your future.

Hi! I’m Dr. Nobuko.

I help people with overwhelming emotions, trauma and PTSD.

Strong emotions are best helped with integrative psychotherapy, where your mind and body work together as a team.

By learning new skills, you can live with more ease.

With the right help, you can move beyond your past and feel whole.

You’ve been managing this alone.

Reaching out is THE antidote to your pain.

Things will get better.

Let’s work together from here.

“We cannot change what we are not aware of,
and once we are aware,
we cannot help but change.”

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Dr. Nobuko offers online trauma and somatic therapy in California.

The office is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.